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Cuestionario de elegibilidad de asilo en Estados Unidos

Completa las preguntas del cuestionario y un especialista te dará respuesta personalizada sobre tu elegibilidad para solicitar asilo en Estados Unidos. 



I work to defend your interests

Our primary goal is to educate and guide those seeking to understand the complex legal issues surrounding immigration law. Whether you are planning to immigrate to another country, seeking to apply for a visa, facing immigration issues, or simply interested in learning about immigration rights and processes, you are in the right place.

My services 

Legal services and more.

Legal advice

Immigration Advice and Consulting

Individualized advisory services for people who wish to emigrate to another country. This could include evaluating available visa options, providing guidance on country-specific requirements and procedures, and helping clients choose the best strategy for their immigration goals.


Advice for the application of Visas and Permits

Advice for the application of visas and work permits on behalf of your clients. This involves gathering and preparing the necessary documentation, completing the required forms, and making sure everything is filed correctly with the immigration authorities. This can include work visas, family visas, investment visas, among others.


Legal Defense in Immigration Cases

In case you face legal challenges in the immigration process, one can provide you with legal defense services. This could include representation in deportation cases, appeals of unfavorable immigration decisions, or any legal dispute related to an individual's immigration status.


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